King Salmon Kayak Fishing Buoy 10 and Westport

Here are a couple of recent kayak fishing videos in search of king salmon during several excursions to Buoy 10, Westport and “Marine area 1”.

The first trip my friend Todd and I fished Westport first then Buoy 10. We crossed the Grays Harbor bar with our kayaks. We paddled and let the current take us about 15 miles out for several hours of fishing. This area is about the 200 foot depth mark. I hooked up to one strong king for a little bit but otherwise we came up skunked. Here is the map with launch area and fishing zone marked.

Kayak Fishing Westport
Kayak Fishing Westport

We decided to head on out to Buoy 10 where eventually we picked up fish close to the Cape Disappointment area. It was a good turnaround after getting skunked at Westport.

During the second excursion I had a great trip seeing a gray whale, crossing the Columbia River bar and catching a small Chinook. The fish was caught three or four miles west of the north jetty at Cape Disappointment. Interactive map below.

Here is an approximation of this trip on a map as I was unable to retrieve the map data from my Lowrance for precision marks.

Kayak Fishing King Salmon
Kayak Fishing King Salmon aka Chinook

I am including a video below regarding salmon tackle and setup for kayak fishing. Best of luck if you’re trying to hook up a king , coho, or any kind of salmon.



Kayak Fishing Prince of Wales Island and Gravina Island

In July and August 2016 I conducted a 9 day solo kayak fishing trip to Prince of Wales Island and Gravina Island out of Ketchikan.

The trip started by taking the Alaska Marine Highway ferry from Bellingham,WA to Ketchikan, AK. This is about a day and a half journey each way traveling through the north end of the Salish Sea beyond  Vancouver Island and to Ketchikan.

From Ketchikan I launched and was catching salmon within 15 minutes of being on the water. Living was simple with good fishing and most of my company was birds, bears, fish and sea otters.

Here is the video I first compiled with footage from this trip. I highly recommend doing a trip to southeast Alaska for kayak fishing.


Below is a map where I camped in yellow and the red marks where the trip started and ended. This trip required crossing the Clarence Strait each way. I recommend you do this on a day when the weather is good as the shortest crossing was at least six miles.

Camp Locations Prince of Wales Island, AK
Camp Locations Prince of Wales Island, AK

Kayak Fishing For King And Coho Salmon

Today I’m posting a few videos up which describe the tackle and approach used when kayak fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

This video below outlines the tackle used for salmon in the salt water for the most part but the gear and technique mentioned could be used in lakes or slow moving rivers as well.


The next video was made by my fishing partner Todd and is not necessarily instructional but does  expose some of the techniques we use to target salmon such as Coho or Kings in the Columbia River system near buoy 10.


Finally, my fishing parter Todd has also provided the following two videos which I have contributed to and where we are targeting Coho on the Cowlitz River from kayaks.


In a future post I will describe some of the gear and modifications to gear and kayaks which I have done in order to help me catch more salmon effectively.